Sunday, March 20, 2011

Royal Wedding Street Party

Follow tradition and organize a street party.  If you are planning on closing the street to traffic or having live entertainment or recorded music (dj) you will need planning permission.  If you and your neighbours set up BBQs. tables in their driveways, garages or front gardens then there should be no paper work necessary, but do check with your local authority.  To gauge interest, print out a flyer outlining your ideas along with a contact email, (set up an email account just for street party use).

If you decide to give your wedding a theme also provide outfit suggestions.  A theme can be as simple as everyone sporting button holes or wearing red white and blue. Remember also that no street party is complete without bunting.

Food can be as simple or complex as you like, although with the wedding being at the end of April something warm might be appreciated as the weather may or may not be warm. 

The adults might not care but a nice touch is to give souvenirs to the children  (include your street name so that is is unique - badges, flags, balls, candies (Fox's Royal Wedding Glacier Sweets), balloons, books (Little Miss Princess and theVery Special Wedding),  and encourage everyone to take and share their photos.  Have a competions for the kids - get them to design a royal wedding commemorative paper plate.

Set up a free free blog website, so attendees can contribute and easily find street party details. The blog will also provide a central location for everyone to post comments about the day, post photos of their childrens artwork and download or share pictures from the street party with their family and friends.

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