Tuesday, July 31, 2012


One place on earth I'm most in love with has to be Malibu, California.  This wedding shot by the talented Ian Grant of is full of color, whimsy and believe it or not, actual zoo animals.
Ian says: We joined Aaron and Irene for their Saddlerock Ranch wedding out in the wilds of Malibu.  This venue is so cool--it's literally a zoo.  In order to get to the location you have to drive past all sorts of cool animals like zebras and emus.  not to mention there are beautiful vineyards all over, which make for great photo ops! Any venues where you feel like you're leaving the city and heading out into the wilderness is okay in our book. 
Irene says: We got engaged in Napa, so we wanted to run with something that emphasized the outdoors and nature.  Despite growing up in LA, we both attended collage on the East Coast and learned to appreciate any rare sunshine and warmth that came our way.  The second we saw Saddlerock we knew this would be the perfect place to share with our close friends and family, and emphasize our love for the outdoors and sun!"


Catering: 24 Carats 
Video: Still Motion 
DJ: SoCal DJ 
Makeup: Echo Makeup

Monday, July 30, 2012


 With every new collection comes an exciting launch! Last Tuesday photographer Joy Strotz dropped by my design studio to watch a fitting I had with the lovely Sabrina. Getting ready for our August 5 shoot at Villa Montalvo in Saratoga, CA, she'll be modeling pieces from Bouffant, a line reminiscent of that great era of fashion from the 1950s-60s.  This is another of my capsule collections this time focusing on bouffant and pencil style skirts in taffeta and bridal satin.  Most of the skirts have pockets, perfect for those wedding day essentials you want to carry around like lipstick. I'm going all out with accessories for this--pillbox and cocktail hats with a wisp of nose veil, hair florals, and short fly away pouf veils . . .Stay tuned in for a few surprises on this shoot.  Joy will not only be photographing my gowns but creating fashion art in the process.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Today I'm over on One Wed Blog talking about city weddings.  Cityscapes make exciting backgrounds for  weekday weddings and an alternative to sporting the big white dress.  City Hall is a place where vows go quickly usually followed up with a celebration near by.  Yes, a bride still gets to wear all those chic touches that say 'wedding' only abbreviated.  Hems  usually go cocktail or street length, veils either short or some  hat/veil combo and bouquets typically are small nosegays. Check out  some of the finest in citified chic from Fancy, New York.   READ MORE

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Blue hues are awesome!  Spring and summer weddings  have at least some fusion of blue.  Psychologists will affirm blue is just about the most soothing if not healing color there is. Focus an entire theme around powder blue or aqua from your gowns and accessories to invites and food . . . .

Credits: Top photo by Bryon John Hendon/Gown by Divine Elegance
Row 2: Gowns by Amy-Jo Tatum Bride
 Row 3: photo by Steven Meisel for Vogue, October 1994.  
Row 4: Photo by Bill Smoot/Dress by Amy-Jo Tatum Bride  Top dress Chateau de Lillie Bottom dress Chic Wish
Row5: Heather photo via Style Me Pretty/Berries:Tiny White Dasies
6: Photo by John T Photography/Dress by Amy-Jo Tatum Bride
Row 7: Photos by John T Photography and Lirette Photography/Dress by Amy-Jo Tatum Bride

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Cage veils fall in the category of the shorter ‘fashionista' veil that has gained so much popularity the past few years they've almost become the norm. I've always thought there's something chic, even edgy about a bride sporting a wisp of nose veil over her eyes. A little history lesson here-- Vera Wang reinvented the look for short pouf veils pairing them up with very formal gowns a few years back. Whether she wanted to show off the extraordinary back details of her gowns or usher in a new look, who can tell?  I only know the juxtaposition this duo created worked.  A few years later the cage was resurrected mostly by indie designers dabbling in vintage.
Brides say the best thing about wearing a shorter veil is, they don’t have to do any adjusting in that switch from the solemnity of ceremony to big time partying hearty. Short veils are also easy to maneuver around in and stay put whether you’re exchanging vowels, cutting cake or dancing,
As you can see by taking a look at these images--there's more than one way to don a cage.  Cages are a lot like hairdos; they sometimes need to be adjusted with hairpins and lots of patience to get the precise look you want and this is where your hairdresser can be a Godsend.  Cages are typically made out of either tulle, the standard light weight bridal veiling, or, netting—wider and crisper, offering a more structured and high fashion look 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Ooooooooooooooh don'tcha just love those dresses with that touch of blush!  Hints of pink and peach toned veils and fascinators . . . While it's been with us a couple seasons only now does blush seem to be coming into it's own all over the bridal industry.  I've  loved adding blush to my collections. Featured here are some of the hottest dresses and accessories I've created in beautiful blush . . . .

Dresses and head wear by Amy-Jo Tatum Bride/Photos by Lirette Photography and Diana Maire

Monday, July 23, 2012


Heather and Bruce's Virginia Beach Wedding was full of unique vintage details.  I'm loving the ocean front backdrop and mood caught in these extraordinary and joyful images by photographer Keith Cephus.  Kudos to Heather our bride who managed to come off eco-chic by wearing a gorgeous gown she found in a consignment shop . . . . Always happy to share the green-consciousness of a couple who will inspire others to do the same.

 Venue: Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront 
 Floral Design: Helga Macko Flowers
 Bride’s Gown: Silk Bridal Consignment 
 Day-Of Coordinator: Graceful Designs
 Cupcakes and Cake: Blue Castle Cupcakes 
 Reception Music:DJ Bryan One 
|Plane Banner Services: National Sky Ads

And now a word about the photographer Keith Cephus (pictured right) who just happens to shoot
the two things I love best in the whole world: Brides and baseball.  Actually I have to be more precise here and say Keith documents sports and weddings beautifully.  I've especially fallen in love with how he has caught Derek Jeter and a few of my beloved Yankees during the Orioles vs.Yankees sweep last April.  But Yankees and Orioles aren't the only teams or subjects he shoots.  I found myself spending a good portion of the night on his site checking out everyone and thing he's shot since the inception of his blog back  in 2006 from Barack Obama and the inauguration to editorials showcasing vintage bridal.   Keith really has a true and rare talent as a photojournalist.

Submitted via Two Bright Lights