Monday, November 15, 2010

Brides on a budget...............

For all you brides on a budget please don't fall for the cheap internet sellers that will get you that 'Perfect Gown'
There are too many brides disaster stories out there .. Before you get your bargain dress from the internet check out this web site.

The above website was created to warn ‘Brides to be’ of the disasters that could happen when a Wedding Dress is purchased from an unauthorised Internet Wedding Dress seller. Many Brides' dreams have been turned into nightmares after a Wedding Dress or Bridesmaids' Dresses have been purchased from unauthorised sellers on the Internet and the Dress has arrived damaged, 2nd hand, faulty, the wrong colour or size and not even the correct Dress! Some sellers don’t have a refund or replacement policy, therefore the Bride is left with a Dress she can not wear for her big day.

Some unauthorised Internet sellers don’t explain to the Bride that she is also responsible for the Duty and VAT charge on the Dress when it arrives in to the country. The Dress will arrive COD (cash on delivery) and will not be passed over by the courier until the charge has been paid. COD charges can be up to £80 for one Dress. If the Bride has ordered Bridesmaids Dresses too then she can expect a very high COD charge.

By ordering a Dress from an authorized Bridal store.  The Bride and even her Bridesmaids can receive the personal attention that she deserves and reassurance that if a situation arises, the store will take full responsibility to correct matters without the Bride worrying.

When a Dress is purchased from a store any alterations that have to be made will normally be carried out by the stores Seamstress. Most Bridal stores will not alter a Dress if not purchased from their store. This will cause a problem for the Bride if she bought the Dress from the Internet as it will then be worthless and not wearable for her Wedding. A Bridal store will also be pleased to press and box a Dress after the Wedding but won’t if not bought from their store. The after sales service is just as important to a Bridal store as selling the Dress to the bride.

We welcome and encourage comments from Manufactures and Bridal Stores who have any disaster stories about Internet Wedding Dress buying that they would like to leave on this website for Brides to read. If you are a Bride with a disaster story to tell then you are welcome to leave a message on here too.

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