Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I found these gorgeous images via a blog I just discovered, Haute Design in a post titled, A Taste of Sunshine.   I thought it may bring a little inspiration for all you would-be wood nymphs out there looking for ideas this direction.   What you're looking at is pure Boho.  So what exactly is Boho?  Defined, the 'look' borrows from early bohemian, peasant and flower child looks of the sixties. Boho is down to earth and ethereal all at once creating visions of an angel appearing out of the mist . . .With gowns sporting gossamer fabrics, the look is often topped off with head wreaths made out of fresh florals and greenery. Put the whole essence of your look together by dressing the inside as well as outside of your body; think florals and soft, pretty fabrics.  A linen cami and head wreath worn with long, flowing hair can be so romantic . . .
 This veil is so original yet so simple: A strip of Venise lace
 Boho dressing hints at the woman child within us all.  Adding lace to this mix brings out the iconic of feminity and girlishNESS . . .
It looks as though she's playing dress up here.  Not only does she sport a real vintage look from head to toe, the table and linens echo yesteryear as well . . .

All images from Haute Design via Costume, Denmark

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