Monday, January 9, 2012


These pink lovelies are from designer Carol Hannah's Wedding Collection . Using a versatile fabric like jersey with cutting edge applications, this Project Runway participant has found a cure for the ever rampant 'It's a Bridesmaid Dress' epidemic . Her philosophy on bridesmaid dresses rings so true. Let's see if you agree, "Let's be honest here- the word bridesmaid doesn't usually invoke the most beautiful image. These dresses are usually overpriced, low quality (what about weddings says "polyester please"?), and something that your friends would probably never choose to wear in the first place. "
I couldn't have said it more precisely. Jersey may just be that perfect fabric we've all been looking for for the bridesmaid. Not to mention how comfortable it is to wear and how well it travels. If you think about it, a high quality jersey can go to a formal hoop-la as well as casual get together. Put on your flat sandals and head to a chi chi beach restaurant for dinner some night. Or out to an afternoon art reception. Where would you wear the above dress after the big day? Curious about your answers . . .

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