Thursday, February 21, 2013


 Last week we ran Something In Lace, an editorial featuring a couple dresses by Recapture that would rock for any country western wedding.  Now that we're moving into better weather,  I have more to share about western weddings and dresses.  First off, let me clear one thing up: You don't have to live in Montana to have a real country western wingding.  Find any ranch, farm or open meadow where guests can kick up their heels country style and you've got the right venue. While almost any dress properly accessorized can look western chic, your best bets are going to be Prairie Revival and Laura Ashley-style looks--check out those retro 70s high collars and dresses donning lots of lace. Cow Girl brides with maids in boots and short dresses sure are a hot ticket right now.  Go ahead and add in some rustic elements like the ones here: horses, a barn, berries and a few straw hats.  Mixing these you're gonna have the basics to build up a real yeee ha! celebration.   Below you'll find a few inspirations for the ranch/cowboy/western wedding theme I particularly love....

Header Photo: Lace Dress by Martin McCrea
Photos 2 and 3: Left photo-- Claire Pettibone lace gown with high neck collar/Right Photo--Dress by Vera Wang/Both photos from editorial, Gowns for a Rustic Ranch Wedding
Photo 4: Crochet lace dress by Martin McCrea
Photos 5 and 6: Left--Gown by Monique Lhuillier/Right: Blouse and skirt by Cynthia Rose/Both photos from editorial, Gowns for a Rustic Ranch Wedding
Photo 6: Berry wreath by Wild Ridge Design
Photo 7: Cowboy Boots by Desert Maiden Vintage
Photo 8: Dress by KT Jean

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