Thursday, February 3, 2011

Three Wedding Trends for 2011

1.  DIY Weddings - Saving money, adding personal touches and incorporating your likes and interests into the wedding theme are all possible when you are in charge of your own wedding planning.

2.  Eco Friendly Weddings -  Green weddings using recycled paper for the invitations and programs.  Using local businesses for services.  Catering with locally produced goods.  Car pooling.  Asking guests to donate to charities instead of giving wedding gifts.

3.  Vintage Accents - Antique and ornate paper and fabrics.  Photo booths.  Going away outfits. Photos with sepia and antique crackle finishes. Swirls, scroll work, calligraphy and italics.

Not only are these three wedding trends for 2011 kind to your wedding budget, they allow traditional and modern elements to blend effortlessly with each other.

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