Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wedding Dress Shapes vs Body Shape

A wedding dress is a major investment financially and emotionally.  A bridal gown that may look fab on the hanger might look drab on you, leading to frustration and the belief that you might never find "the dress"

Knowing what style to look for to suit your body type will definitely speed up the search and your over all feel good factor.

Hourglass - 36, 26, 36
Choose any wedding gown style you like, providing you are at least 5 foot 4 inches tall.  

Classic Hourglass - 36, 25, 36
To show off your shape with a figure following wedding dress style ie  mermaid, sheath or column wedding dress, or drop waist style wedding dress or skirt and corset.  The goal is to feel comfortable in your chosen dress -  so if you think it looks too sexy for a wedding it probably is  - try for a shapely fit but an elegant style. Also, avoid cap sleeves as they will reduce the effect of the dress.

Rectangular Figure - 36, 29, 36
Choose an A Line, Empire or Princess style wedding dress, as these will bring focus to the upper portion of your body - face, neck, arms, whilst also giving shape to the waist.  Then all you need to decide is which to aspect to feature, either sleeves or neckline to keep draw the looker away from your problem area.

Pear Shape -  34, 24, 36
Empire Line Wedding Dress Style
Hips that are 2 inches or more fuller than the waist and bust need balancing and focus brought up the body. To produce balance try off the shoulder and short sleeved A-Line or Empire Line waist wedding dress designs.   

Full Bust - 38,  26,  36
To balance the upper body wedding dresses that feature a full skirt and a sweetheart or v neckline will be the most flattering.  Details at and below the waist will create a focal point away from  the bust.

To give the illusion of height choose a long flowing gown that allows the fabric to fall in long graceful pleats, add detail at the back of the dress and vertical stitching at the waist line.  An Empire line wedding dress will work well as will A-line shapes providing the skirt sits close the the body and does not flare out excessively.

Most gowns will suit you, avoid Empire style wedding dresses as they can appear to sag.  However, if you would like to reduced your height, a full ball gown style skirt with horizontal detail (ruching, ribbons)  coupled with a bodice with a v point at the waist and off the shoulder sleeves should be a suitable choice.

Plus Size
Empire and A-Lines dresses with a sleeve are the best option.  The cut of the dress focus the eyes to the front panel, the sleeves will provide support and cover fuller arms and a sweetheart or v neckline will draw attention to your upper body.

 TIP - When trying on wedding dresses always try them on with your wedding shoes and the under garments that you will wear on your special day.

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