Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bridal Under Garments (Underwear advice for the bride)

It is essential that your under garments :  

  1. Fit correctly 
  2. Feel comfortable
  3. Are flattering

Best Wedding Under garment Options:

Bras - Seamed or seamless convertible bras are the most versatile and will ensure you get full value out of your purchase.  If you don't like the idea of attachment tabs then a full strap or strapless model might be your best choice.  

Corsets and Bustiers - Provide shape and support be they traditional ribbed or modern seamless models., For your comfort we recommend that your bustier or corset incorporates light weight smooth fabrics that won't compete with your wedding dress or create any uneven contours. 

Pants - Seamless panties, boyshorts or a Thong will eliminate the vpl (visible Panty Line)

Save more decorative under garments for your honeymoon. 

      It is essential that you try your under garments with your wedding dress to ensure that nothing shows where it shouldn't and  and that everything that should be covered it.  It is also advisable to wear the underwear for at least a couple of hours before the day of your wedding, in case you need to make adjustments.  After all you will want  to feel comfortable and confident that your under garments are not going to slip down or ride up.

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