Friday, August 5, 2011

Wedding Anniversaries - Gifts by year

 Wedding Anniversary gifts  and what to give when. The 6th of August 2011 is the first anniversary of our store so we thought we would take this opportunity to list the years of marriage and their associated gifts.  Most people can name some  - Silver, Ruby Golden but what about all the other years.  Specific gifts are given for specific years Choose from traditional or modern gifts.

 1 cotton, clocks 
 2 paper, china 
 3 leather, crystal 
 4 fruit ,appliances 
 5 wood, silverware 

 6 sugar, wooden 
 7 wool, copper 
 8 bronze, linen or lace 
 9 pottery, leather 
10 tin, diamond 

11 steel, jewelry 
12 linen, pearl 
13 lace, furs 
14 ivory,  gold 
15 crystal, watches 

20 china, platinum 
25 silver, silver 
30 pearl, diamond 
35 cora,l jade 
40 ruby, ruby 

45 sapphire, sapphire 
50 gold, gold 
55 emerald, emerald 
60 diamond, diamond 
65 blue sapphire, blue sapphire 

70 platinum, platinum 

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