Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Most mornings you pop in here and we're all about the wedding from the bride's perspective.  Today is about the guys. Frankly I'm jazzed these days when I see less restriction in men's wedding wear and more comfort as well as character added into the mix.    I'd say too the guys do a pretty good job of showing up and looking like beauts considering they don't spend hours shopping in hoards with their groomsmen.  Nor do they ponder days before the say 'Yes' to the tux (or ensemble) and wait months for their wedding outfit to be delivered.  Most modern gents are shopping alongside their fiancees, getting into the whole palette of  colors and sharing in the overall wedding experience.  Below are some great finds by Preston and Olivia.  These bow ties you'll find 'casual but not dressed down' in seersucker, denim and cotton  . . . .
Preston and Olivia

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