Tuesday, April 10, 2012



As a designer the biggest gripe I hear about once a client starts the dress search is, "How come they all look alike?".  Cruise the web and you'll find every variation of strapless mermaid-- a real popular style right now.  For the bride who sees herself in something other than a strapless taffeta realize once you find the right silhouette its just a matter of accessorizing.  Carefully chosen adornments are going to be what makes the dress all about you.   Here a plain white tulle with a surpliced front was topped off with a floppy brimmed hat circled with Daises.  Add a black and white striped bow belt and short white gloves for a garden party look. Stay tuned next week; we'll look at creating another one of a kind variation you won't find anywhere else . . .

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